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Genomic Technologies utilizes its proprietary instrument control software and well proven mechanical systems for rapid development of synthesis platforms ranging from analytical to preparative scale systems. The rapid growth of oligonucleotide based drug design is creating the need for Very Large Scale instrumentation capable of performing unique and nonstandard monomer additions. The products and technology developed by Genomic Technologies help scientists accelerate the discovery of new therapeutic drugs and diagnostic systems.

As requirements for larger and more unique oligomers develop, our proprietary design platforms for rapid synthesis, combined with our chemistry expertise and software capabilities enabled our customers to quickly access and manage synthesis information. We provide "leading edge" tools required for biotechnology development.

Genomic holds patents and trademarks, and licenses its technology which includes high throughput oligonucleotide synthesizers, oligonucleotide sequence database management software, web-based order processing software, diagnostic and therapeutic scale oligonucleotide synthesizers,  and high throughput multi-instrument control software.

Genomic Technologies is a privately held company located in Millis, Massachusetts.

The company focuses on the development of products and technologies which enable the scientific community to rapidly sequence genomes and develop the knowledge gained, toward therapeutic and diagnostic products.

Genomic Technologies manufactures several standardized hardware and software products and markets these products to DNA synthesis houses and genome sequencing facilities world-wide. In addition, the company is collaborating with engineering firms, custom synthesis facilities and pharmaceutical companies to develop specialized instrumentation and software systems which provide  unique capabilities to the end user.

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